Exploring aesthetics of women in plaster casts

Why Choose Us?

Femininity and sensuality of a woman wearing comfortably a plaster cast rise from aesthetical components both visible and psichologique generating an attractive contrast game.

Visible contrast between plaster's rigidity and woman's dynamism and psichological contrast between sweetness generated by a woman in a plaster cast and determination emanated by her when she uses the plaster cast as a "seduction weapon to attract sights", creates a set of "see-not see" and "would like - but cannot" effects which emanates a sofisticated and minded erotism. 

Moreover plaster's weight enfasizes littlest parts of female body, as fingers and toes appearing as framed by the cast.

Femininity and sensuality don't deal with the injury beside the plaster cast, but with the plaster cast's look itself.

From this idea rises the "role-castering" as a "couple game" in which a woman wears a false plaster cast for some hours just for hers and her partner's aesthetical and sensorial pleasure.

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